How-To-Video - Replacing the Joy Con Stick


This instruction will show you how to replace the thumbstick of your left Joy Con Controler. All necessary tools are provided and you will need just some easy steps. Keep in mind that the replacement of the thumbstick on the right Joy Con Controler is slightly different, so we will provide you another video for this. If you prever a written instruction have a look at the end of this page.


Joy Con Controller Tweezer


Blue Screwdriver

Blue Screwdriver

Pry Tool

Pry Tool

orange screwdriver

Orange Screwdriver

Joy Con Controller Thumbstick

New Thumbstick

Joy Con Thumb Stick Rubber Caps

Rubber Caps

Joy Con Controller Opener

Joy Con Opener (optional)

Remove Joy Con casing on the back

First, take off all 4 screws which hold the casing. Our orange screwdriver has been specially made for this task. With the green spudger, you can remove the casing. Insert it on the side without rail.

Watch STEP 1 in our video!

Remove Joy Con casing on the back

Remove the battery with the pry tool. Maybe you need a little bit of force, hence the battery is glued to the casing. To unplug the battery use our tweezers.

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Remove Joy Con casing on the back

To remove the casing you have to unscrew 5 screws with our blue screwdriver. Older versions of the Joy Con have only 3 screws. Don't remove the plastic casing yet. There is a small cable for the "ZL" button underneath. Just fold it to the side. With the tweezers, you can open the connector and remove the cable.

Watch STEP 3 in our video!

Remove Joy Con casing on the back

First, you have to remove the two ribbon cables for the thumbstick and the "-" button. Don't forget to open the connectors first with your tweezers. Afterward, you can unscrew the 2 screws which hold the thumbstick. Use for this task our blue screwdriver. Now you can remove the thumbstick with the tweezers. Be careful not to damage the rubber ring underneath.

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Remove Joy Con casing on the back

Insert your new thumbstick and fix it with the screws. Now you have to connect the two ribbon cables (thumbstick and "-" button) and close the connectors. Now connect the "ZL" button ribbon cable from the plastic casing.

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Remove Joy Con casing on the back

After you inserted all the cables you are ready to assemble the Joy Con. Put back the plastic casing and screw in the 5 screws. After this, you can use the tweezers to plug in the cable for the battery. Close the connector and put the battery back in its place. Now you can assemble the outer casing of your Joy Con controller with our orange screwdriver.

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Remove Joy Con casing on the back

Our rubber cap is developed to protect your thumbstick from wear and tear. Just stick it on top of your new thumbstick and you might not need to replace it again. Furthermore, the rubber cap will improve your gaming experience.

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Remove Joy Con casing on the back

This step is the most important. If you don't calibrate your new thumbstick you will experience a big loss in accuracy. Slide your Joy Con in your Nintendo Switch, go to "settings" and scroll down to "controllers and sensors". Scroll all the way down to "calibrate control sticks". Push in the new thumbstick and follow the instructions on the screen.

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