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Innovative solutions for annoying situations. With our smart gadgets you will stay mobile and relaxed. Our products will prepare you for almost all situations in life. We have an extensive range with products that promise sustainability through high-quality material and a modern design. Stay up-to-date with innovative products which will make your life a lot easier.



We are a young and motivated team. It is our goal to connect innovative ideas, sustainability and quality. To achieve this goal a close cooperation with our business partners and innovative product development comes first. The search for new challenges and our passion make it possible, to implement solutions perfectly and to bring customer-oriented products to market. Through our in-depth experience in international trading we are able to implement a customer-oriented and smooth distribution.

What we stand for


Innovation drives us forward

Every day we face new challenges that require individual and clever solutions. We put the “there has to be something you can do about that“ – thought into action.

Community first!

Our products make your everyday life easier and help you in various situations. To always have the best solution at hand, we rely on your feedback. Feel free to contact us with suggestions, ideas and questions!

Quality & Precision

Our products are manufactured with the greatest care and are always tested for fine quality.

Reliable Support

If questions or problems do arise, we are always prepared. Our competent support team is always there for you and has an open ear.